Prognostics and Health Management Course

The CALCE PHMC offers a course that presents the concepts, methods and sample applications of health monitoring and prognostics. The course is a more practical version of the University of Maryland graduate course: ENME808A-Prognostics and Health Management. The course presents the tools and techniques for development and implementation of prognostics and health monitoring in terms of novel methods for in-situ monitoring, approaches for resource efficient data collection, algorithms for data reduction and parameter extraction, software for damage assessment, methods for identifying and analyzing precursors based on failure mechanisms, and techniques for predictions that can be used for assisting maintenance and logistics decisions. Different approaches for prognostics are presented along with implementation case-studies.

Topics covered:


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Masters of Science in Integrated Vehicle Health Management in Cranfield University

Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM) is an increasingly important concept in vehicle management, offering a total integrated health check for high-tech, high-value vehicles such as aircraft, ships, high-speed trains and high-performance cars providing information to support operational decisions. Additionally, it is expected that there will be significant opportunity for application of this technology in the energy sector with potential to bring environment benefits. This unique program develops professionals with the ability to take a holistic and systematic approach to IVHM, integrating with the range of technologies to deliver significant business benefits and improve competitiveness. 
This course is the only one of its kind in the world. Students are trained to identify business opportunities where IVHM can realize significant benefits in business productivity, environmental impact and vehicle performance. Students are trained through the concepts and practice of the end-to-end process from sensing data from assets, communicating the data for analysis, and formulating operational decisions from the resulting data base. 
This course is offered part-time and the duration for the course is 2 years. For more information about course and How to enroll please refer to the brochure.