Identification Of Failure Mechanisms To Enhance Prognostic Outcomes

Sony Mathew
Mohammed Alam
Michael Pecht


Predicting the reliability of a system in its actual life-cycle conditions and estimating its time to failure is helpful in decision making to mitigate system risks. There are three approaches to prognostics: the physics-of-failure approach, the data-driven approach, and the fusion approach. A key requirement in all these approaches is identification of the appropriate parameter(s) to monitor to gather data that can be used to assess impending failure. This paper presents a physics-of-failure approach, which uses failure modes, mechanisms and effects analysis (FMMEA) to enhance prognostics planning and implementation. This paper also presents the fusion approach to prognostics and the applicability of FMMEA to this approach. An example case of generating FMMEA information and using that to identify appropriate parameters to monitor is presented.

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