Awarded Contracts

  1. 2013-2014, Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), “Condition Based Maintenance Plus – Advanced Fault Diagnostics”.

  2. 2012-2015, National Science Foundation (NSF), “Prognostic Methods for Battery Management Systems".

  3. 2011, CALCE and QSI(Qualtech Systems) Awarded Navy SBIR Grant for _ Ground Tactical Value Prognostic Health Management for U.S. Marine Corps.

  4. 2008, US Army Research Laboratory: Autonomous Prognostics and Health Monitoring Systems for Weapons Platforms.

  5. 2008-2011, NASA , "Reliable Diagnostics and Prognostics for Critical Avionics Systems".

  6. Qualtech Systems Inc., and US Army, STTR , "Dynamic Data-Driven Prognostics and Condition Monitoring of On-board Electronics".

  7. 2007,Global Strategic Solutions LLC.,and US Navy, SBIR, "Advanced Prognostic and Health Management (PHM) and Model Based Prognostic Useful Life Remaining Capabilities for Aircraft Tactical Information and Communication Systems".

  8. 2007, Lockheed Martin,"Prognostics of Systems-of-Systems".

  9. 2006, Dell Inc. ,"Baseline Characterization of Notebook Computers Subject to Changing Environmental and Operational Conditions for Diagnostics and Prognostics".

  10. 2006, Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) , awarded a $2.1 million grant to develop a prototype Web-based health (prognostics) assessment of a test system.

  11. 2006, IAI and US Navy, SBIR,"IDDQ Trending as a Precursor to Semiconductor Failure".

  12. 2005, Intelligent Automation Inc. (IAI) and The Naval Air Warfare Center, SBIR, "Enhanced Prognostic Model for Digital Electronics".

  13. 2004, BD Systems and NASA, " Remaining Life Assessment of Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster Electronic Hardware".

  14. 2001, MD Robotics and NASA , " Remaining Life Assessment of Space Shuttle Remote Manipulator System".